Bella Toscana

We are a group of aficionados who love beautiful surroundings, good cuisine and the taste of excellent wine. We would like to invite you to visit enchanting places and to get a taste of Italian dolce vita. We can arrange trips tailored especially to your needs and wishes. Here is what we offer:

ART & CULTURE (photos)

  1. -towns full of historic sights and masterpieces of art

  2. -tours guided by an art historian

  3. -guided sightseeing tours of such cities as Siena, Florence, Assissi or Pisa (in the language of your choice)

HISTORY (photos)

  1. -signs of the past

  2. -places of great importance to the whole European culture


  1. -an excellent opportunity to learn basic words and phrases from native Tuscanians

WINE (photos)

  1. -a chance to learn how world famous Brunello di Montalcino is produced

  2. -exclusive visits in cellars of famous wine producers where ordinary tourists are not allowed

  3. -wine tasting

CUISINE (photos)

  1. -the secrets of the Tuscanian cucina

  2. -cooking lessons

  3. -local produce tasting

  4. -a unique chance to take part in a genuine Tuscanian family dinner


  1. -pastime and leisure

  2. -long walks in the countryside

  3. -sunbathing at the sea